Jack Mason is the Group CEO of award-winning Inc & Co. He oversees the strategic direction of the company, which was created to bring businesses together to help improve their business operations, marketing, strategy and collaboration.


I was 15 when I started My first business, selling sweets to other students at school

Jacks Story

humble beginnings

An entrepreneur at heart, I started my own sweet-selling business at school. Buying them in bulk at cheap prices meant I could sell gobstoppers and sherbert dust cheaper than my competition (the other students)!

I’ve worked in a range of creative digital businesses over the years. And I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. Now, my goal is to use my past experiences and knowledge to offer support to start-up businesses. Providing strategic support, mentorship, and direction.

Now, with Inc & Co, that passion for helping and supporting lives on, through our acquisition strategy where we acquire unique businesses with great teams and turn them into exceptional enterprises.

Jack lives in Barcelona, Spain, where he lives and is based most of the time.