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October 30, 2023

4 Practical ways Chat GPT can Save Time and Energy

I’ve always said that running a business is a time-consuming and difficult challenge; check my most recent LinkedIn post, where I repeat that fact.  

Throughout my years in business, I have found many ways to save time to allow me to focus on more important tasks. Finding ways to prioritise my time is a must. Learning to prioritise my tasks through urgency, time scale and outcome. 

The introduction of Open AI and Chat GPT has recently created waves in the tech industry, but that’s now filtering down to smaller businesses as they begin to adopt the wonders of Chat GPT. 

I am going to run through 4 practical ways Chat GPT can save you time and energy when running or working in your business. 

Automation and efficiency: 

AI’s ability to complete repetitive tasks is a key advantage for any business. This allows you to focus your time and effort on more important tasks. For example, AI can repeat tasks such as data analysis to customer service inquiries. When implemented well, most departments within a business can benefit from increased productivity to complete work at a faster pace with the same high-end quality throughout. 

Content Generation: 

When starting a business from scratch, it’s challenging to juggle product design, marketing, orders and many more aspects. However, with the help of AI, it can reduce your time massively, whether that is gathering ideas for content for your blog or social media post or writing text for a product description for your e-commerce store. 

Task Rescheduling and Resource Allocation: 

As I have said before, finding time to complete everything in your working day can be difficult; however, with the correct resources, Artificial Intelligence is able to create efficient schedules based on real-time facts like team availability, task dependencies and importance. An AI-centric time management system allows you to focus on more important challenges to help your business grow and expand. 

Build a strong CRM system: 

Having a strong CRM system allows you to interact with and manage your customers with ease. Artificial Intelligence can allow automated responses to customers and remind sales teams of high-priority tasks/events that are upcoming. This allows your teams to focus on what they’re good at, which is creating lasting personal connections with customers. 

Any business will have to go through changes, and Open AI and Chat GPT can help boost the transition to a new era. Automating tasks and generating content not only saves you time and reduces the risk of human error, but it also allows employees to focus on the business’s strategies, creative and human-based tasks, which allows your business to have significant gains in both efficiency and productivity. 

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