Staying Productive Whilst Traveling

January 18, 2023

Staying productive whilst travelling for work 

Travelling for work can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting.  

Being based in Barcelona, I get the chance to regularly travel back to the UK in order to meet up with our teams across the country, but admittedly it can be difficult to balance work and leisure while on the road, and managing your time effectively is essential to staying productive and engaged. 

In this blog, I’ll provide some tips to help you stay organized, connected, and productive while travelling for work based on what I’ve experienced myself. 


Firstly, what are the benefits? 

Traveling for work can be an incredible opportunity to enhance your skills, meet new people, and gain new experiences. Not only can it leave you with a newfound appreciation for different business sectors, but it can also provide valuable insights and develop your professional network. 

Working in new environments and meeting new people can help spark creativity and challenge you to think outside the box. It can also give you the opportunity to learn and grow, as well as stay ahead of the competition. 


Managing your time effectively 

Usually when travelling, the time you get is limited, and it can feel overwhelming to try and cram everything into that short trip. Here’s some things to help: 

  • Have a plan: Before you leave, create a plan for your trip. Make a list of the places you will visit and most importantly the tasks you need to accomplish.  
  • Schedule in advance: Book your flights and accommodation in advance and save yourself not only money but the stress on the day. 
  • Set realistic goals: You can’t expect to change the world in a short visit, but even the small changes can lead to bigger differences. 
  • Take breaks: Taking frequent breaks is essential for staying productive. Even when time is limited, you want to go into every meeting with a clear mind as possible. Make sure to take some time for yourself to relax and unwind.  


Staying Productive and Engaged 

  • Connect with colleagues: See your trip as an opportunity to listen and learn. These are the people who live and breathe the business each day, and so it’s a time to ensure they know you’ve taken on board their thoughts, no matter what they are. 
  • Take advantage of technology: If you’re not the most organised person in the world then there’s 1001 apps out there to assist you with time management  
  • Take notes: Remember you’re human and we’re not designed to remember every single conversation we’ve had that day. Take notes and allow yourself the time after to review and address any issues.


Balancing Rest & Work

This might be the toughest thing to achieve when on the road. You’re knackered from a flight or back to back trains, but you’re there to achieve what you went for in the first place, so where does the balance fit? 

  • Schedule down time: This might be in between meetings or at the end of the day, but burning yourself out is not the way to go. 
  • Exercise: I always ensure that whatever city I’m visiting or hotel I stay in that I can take full advantage of the gym. Not just for physical exercise but mentally this can be one of the best ways to relax. 
  • Eat healthy: When away from home I think we all get tempted to treat ourselves, but staying on track with good meals is the best way to keep your focus and not leave you feeling lethargic. 
  • Limit screen time: Maybe use visits as a way to get away from the screen and have more face to face interactions. See the opportunity as a good break from social media or the computer. 



Since moving to Barcelona, I’ve found myself travelling a fair bit, and on the whole it’s amazing and something I’m very fortunate to do. Just make sure you have a plan of action before leaving the house. 

Travelling for work can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Managing your time effectively and staying organized is essential for staying productive and engaged.  

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