Jack Mason with Baldwins team

January 26, 2024

Unbox and Unwrap Diversity and Inclusivity

Let’s talk about making our workplaces as diverse and inclusive as they should be. It’s not just about ticking boxes or looking good – it’s about bringing together different minds and experiences to shake things up in the best way possible. But how do we get there? It’s one thing to say we value diversity but another to make it happen. In this blog, I’m diving into some hands-on ways we can all create a workplace that truly reflects the world out there. 

Leadership commitments: 

Having the right leaders in place is key to business growth and strategising. Having someone who can lead by example is so beneficial for companies, because not only does it motivate your colleagues, but it also shows the strength and commitment of your team. If your Heads of Business are including everyone and utilising each skill, the progress your business will make is unfathomable. 

Inclusive Policies and Practices: 

Reviewing and updating your workplace policies and practices to ensure that they are inclusive, and your business is not singling out anything that could make a colleague uncomfortable. When everything is set in place, it is vital to make all colleagues aware of any changes and use multiple points of view to solidify inclusivity and nothing is being missed out. 

Flexible Working Arrangements: 

Accommodating flexible working arrangements allows you to build more trust in your colleagues. Flexible working hours consist of a range of work times or locations. Some people may struggle working the typical 9-5 due to personal situations so ensuring you’re able to offer different timings and locations allows you to still complete the set amount of work yet carry out what is needed for the personal situation.  

Mentorship and Career Development: 

If you provide equal opportunities for your employees, it allows you to have a business full of highly trained specialists in that specific sector. If you are not allowing access to correct mentorships and developments this could lead to your valuable employees looking for development and growth elsewhere which could result in your business’s downfall. 

Inclusive Decision Making: 

Including a diverse group of employees to discuss important decisions as getting multiple points of view gives you a better understanding of a situation and how to ensure that every employee’s well-being is suited to and accounted for is an ideal tactic to keep your employees happy and motivated. 

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is about action, not just words. It’s a blend of strong leadership, flexible policies, and open-minded decision-making. By embedding these values, we’re not just ticking boxes – we’re building a thriving, diverse business culture. 

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