July 15, 2021

We have welcomed GUT Instinct to the group.

Inc Retail (part of Inc & Co Group) has taken a substantial share in the plant-based food and drinks brand GUT Instinct, which will see the Oatly competitor accelerate its growth & marketing strategy.

GUT Instinct is already the preferred alternative milk in a range of U.K. coffee houses, including Manchester-founded, Grindsmith and in supermarkets across the UAE. GUT Instinct will also become the oat milk of choice in Inc Retail’s Chop’d locations as part of the deal.

‘The announcement also sees Grindsmith Coffee Roasters join in partnership, which will mean GUT Instinct will be the exclusive alternative milk option in all nine of the groups stores. Grindsmith recently created Nestle’s first-ever instant craft coffee that launched February in the U.K. with NESCAFÉ.

Amazon stocked GUT Instinct is a milk alternative, packed full of nutrition, fortified with calcium, vitamin D, B12, B2 and folic acid. The importance of a healthy and balanced gut microbiome has hard scientific data to back up what our “Gut Instinct” has been telling us since records began.

“Looking after your gut is up there with the easiest ways to look after your wellbeing, and studies have shown that your gut and brain are intimately connected. Having GUT Instinct join us at Inc Retail along with our sustainable eatery, Chop’d is a match made in heaven, and we’re intent on ridding the high street of food and drink that is, processed and genuinely bad for you,” says Dan Shaw, Inc Retail, MD.

Plant-based diets are becoming the norm, and gut health is finally getting the attention it deserves, as research shows both are the absolute key to gaining and maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind. GUT Instinct was born out of a desire to help consumers achieve greater physical and mental health through proper diet and nutrition.

GUT Instinct’s vision is a world where we all can consume food and drink that’s not only good for us nutritionally but one where the thought is given to animal welfare, our health, and the environmental impact of the products we consume.

Jack Mason Group CEO, Parent company, Inc & Co said, “I was impressed by Chris’s personal story of gut health challenges and finding body and mind health in oat milk. With the global oat milk market size projected to reach £4.8 Billion by 2026, GUT Instinct, under Dan & Chris’ leadership, is ready to take a cut of that market with its vitamin-rich, healthy milk alternative.” 

Inc Retail will focus on supporting GUT Instinct with a complete re-brand, and a new product range that benefits gut health and new products under development are due to be announced soon.

To find out more about Inc Retail, visit: and GUT Instinct visit:

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